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Why Thousands Own Asphalt Zipper Machines

Happy Roads

No More Potholes, Ruts and Cracks

Easier Long-term Road Repairs for Less Than Half the Cost

Compared to traditional rehabilitation, full-depth reclamation and stabilization with Asphalt Zipper® machines is considerably faster and far less expensive.

  • Do in a day what used to take up to two weeks or more
  • Make repairs that last up to 3 to 5 times longer
  • Enjoy cost and time savings of up to 70% or more.
  • Repair everything from small patches to full roads, up to 2 miles per day
  • Turn old worn out asphalt into spec comparable base material
  • Quickly and easily solve most base problems
  • Open utility trench in asphalt for as little as 30 cents per linear foot
  • Work on your own schedule with your own people
  • Enjoy happier, more productive crews and grateful residents

Eliminate Potholes, Cracks and Ruts

Recycle Your Worn-Out Roads and Save up to 70% or More

How Does Full-Depth Reclamation Compare?

Full-Depth Reclamation gives you virtually all the benefits of complete reconstruction for little more than you now spend on temporary repairs.

  • Charles Glagola

    In my 25 years in construction, prior to spending 11 years as a professor, the Asphalt ZIpper is the most innovative product I've seen come out of the construction industry in my time.

    Dr. Charles R. Glagola, P.E. Professor, University of Florida; NOVA Award Juror
  • Fred Nardini

    For us FDR means more than Full-Depth Reclamation; it also means Finally Done Right.

    Fred Nardini Commissioner, San Patricio County, TX
  • Charlie Tewalt

    I have seen the bigger machines work and I was skeptical of this smaller machine. Once you see the finished product, there is no difference.

    Charlie Tewalt Supervisor, Mt. Vernon, WA
  • Jerry Sikes

    I have been in this road business for 42 years. We have to find a way to make our money go farther, and the Zipper is the best game in town that we have found. It totally exceeded my expectations.

    Jerry Sikes Public Works Director, Suwannee County, FL

Longer Lasting Road Repairs with Full-Depth Reclamation

Full-Depth Reclamation Lifecycle


Pulverizing illustration

Pulverize asphalt or chip seal surface and blend with a predetermined portion of the base.* Inject water through spraybar.



Reshaping illustration

Grade and reshape. Hydrate as needed.



Compacting illustration

Compact with sufficient moisture.†


Pave or Chip Seal

Paving illustration

Thereafter it can be paved or sealed.

FDR zoom out illustration

From small patches to full-width projects of up to 1/2 mile per day.

* Avoid rocks over 3 inches / 75 mm in size. When additional material or stabilizer is desired, see steps under Soil Stabilization.

† Be sure to know the effective compaction depth of your equipment and compact in lifts if necessary. Better results are achieved using heavier vibratory compactors.

Spencer Guthrie

Compared to traditional asphalt road reconstruction methods, Full-Depth Reclamation has numerous engineering, economic, and environmental benefits.

Spencer Guthrie, Ph.D. Professor of Pavement and Materials Engineering, Brigham Young University

Special Municipal Program

  • Spreads cost over 5 years
  • Nothing down; first annual payment not due for an entire year
  • Low municipal interest rate
  • With less than 40 hours of use, savings most often are greater than annual payment; Asphalt Zipper machine pays for itself
James Dubois

The Zipper has more than paid for itself. In fact, it paid for itself within the first year.

James Dubois Superintendent, Walsh, CO (pop. 720)

Affordable for Any Municipality

How a Small Town Got an Asphalt Zipper machine without Adding a Penny to Their Budget

The small town of Walsh, Colorado (pop. 720), opted to spread the cost of purchase over 5 years through a special financing program available to municipalities. A benefit of this program is that the first payment is not due for one full year. After completing their needed road work for the season, they found that what they had saved in road repair expenses by using the Asphalt Zipper machine more than covered their annual payment. In effect, they were able to acquire an Asphalt Zipper machine without adding one cent to their budget.

Reclaimed Road in Walsh, CO

Street in Walsh, Colorado, that was repaired doing Full-Depth Reclamation with their Asphalt Zipper machine and then chip-sealed.

Pulverized Reusable Material

Pulverization Process Illustration

The asphalt is cut and pulverized into reusable material in one pass.

Art Reeve

We took the Zipped material to our lab and found it was a spec-quality product.

Art Reeve, P.E. County Engineer, Del Norte County, CA

Produces spec-comparable material

Pulverized Reusable Material

Superior Straight Edge

Scarified Edge
J. J. DeCorby

The Zipper makes a very clean edge, which enables a cold lap joint with no problem whatsoever.

J. J. DeCorby Superintendent, Surreus Pipeline, Inc., British Columbia

Improves Joint Bond Strength

University research has proven that a scarified, interlocking ‘Zipped’ edge improves joint bond strength 25 percent over a saw-cut edge.

Woffinden, Keith H., Guthrie, W. Spencer, and Eggett, Dennis L., "Effect of Scarification on Asphalt Patch Joint Bond Strength," Transportation Research Board 84th Annual Meeting, 2005.
Interlocking Edge
Mike Ackerman

Our road maintenance crews know no piece of equipment will ever take the place of a good man, but this equipment helps a good man do a better job.

Mike Ackerman Street Supervisor, Round Rock, TX

How Anyone Can Afford

Full-Depth Reclamation — The Greenest Way to Repair Roads

  • Recycles asphalt or chip seal into base material
  • Tremendous reduction in trucking and other equipment results in lower fuel usage and cleaner air

Top 10 Reasons Municipalities Love Asphalt Zipper®

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