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The Absolute Fastest, Most Economical Way to Open Utility Trench in Asphalt

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on average
of utility trench opened in asphalt
Turn Your Loader or Backhoe into a Powerful Utility Trencher or Reclaimer / Stabilizer

Asphalt Zipper® machines simultaneously cut a straight edge and pulverize asphalt into reusable material, virtually eliminating saw cutting, chunking, trucking and disposal costs.

Save $10,000 on average, every 1,000 feet of utility trench you open in asphalt!

Comparison - 1,000 Foot Trench

Traditional Method
Asphalt Zipper® Method

Traditional Method



Cost & Time Savings

Traditional Method

18± hours

Asphalt Zipper® Method

SAVE $10,000

on average $10,000
Just Zip-It®

About 1 hour

By “Zipping” instead of saw-cutting, chunking, loading, hauling, disposal, and backfill, a 1,000-foot trench that would typically take two or three days can be opened in about an hour, with approximate cost savings of $10,000, based on national averages of Asphalt Zipper machine owners.

7:00 AM, Start “Zipping”
7:05 AM, Start digging
7:20 AM, 300 feet of trench “Zipped”
Daniel Dambach

Our guys can't even finish their coffee before it's time to start digging.

Daniel Dambach Vista Irrigation District, Vista, CA

The Absolute, Fastest Most Economical Way to Open Utility Trench in Asphalt

Asphalt Zipper machine model AZ-360-173B opening a trench in asphalt.

Asphalt Zipper® machines simultaneously cut a straight edge and pulverize asphalt into reusable material.

Pulverized Reusable Material

Pulverization Process Illustration

The asphalt is cut and pulverized into reusable material in one pass.

Art Reeve

We took the Zipped material to our lab and found it was a spec-quality product.

Art Reeve, P.E. County Engineer, Del Norte County, CA

Produces spec-comparable material

Pulverized Reusable Material

Superior Straight Edge

Scarified Edge
J. J. DeCorby

The Zipper makes a very clean edge, which enables a cold lap joint with no problem whatsoever.

J. J. DeCorby Superintendent, Surreus Pipeline, Inc., British Columbia

Improves Joint Bond Strength

University research has proven that a scarified, interlocking ‘Zipped’ edge improves joint bond strength 25 percent over a saw-cut edge.

Woffinden, Keith H., Guthrie, W. Spencer, and Eggett, Dennis L., "Effect of Scarification on Asphalt Patch Joint Bond Strength," Transportation Research Board 84th Annual Meeting, 2005.
Interlocking Edge

Universal Bucket Mounting System

Bucket Clamping System Animation

Great for Making T-Cuts

T-Cuts and Insetting Trench Plates

Asphalt Zipper machines are also ideal for making T-cuts and insetting trench plates when necessary.

How It Works

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