Standard Cutter Head
Z-PRO Cutter Head

Cutter Heads

Computer Engineered for Efficiency in Different Asphalt Conditions

Cutter heads are designed for specific uses, machines, and asphalt applications.

  • Standard and Z-PRO
  • Engineered for efficiency
  • Designed for different asphalt conditions

Standard Cutter Head

Excellent for a wide variety of reclamation / stabilization projects and will produce the finest material, particularly in thinner, cracked surfaces.

Z-PRO Cutter Head

Outstanding all around reclamation / stabilization head with increased production and durability, particularly in thicker pavements.

Call 1-888-ZIPPER-0 (947-7370) for Pricing or to order

18" 457mm
24" 609mm
30" 762mm
36" 914mm
42" 1066mm
48" 1219mm
72" 1828mm

Custom sizes also available.
Not all cutter head sizes are available for all models.