Tank conveniently pivots out of the way for access to bit hatch.

Pivoting Frame Mount Water Supply System

100 or 150 Gallon

AZ 360-173B with pivoting frame mount water supply system.
  • Water Capacity100 gal379 l150 gal568 l
  • Weight475 lb1798 kg500 lb1893 kg
  • Pump
    • 12 V diaphragm pump
    • Volumetric flow
    • Integrated pressure switch automatically turns pump off when valve is closed
    • Won’t burn up if pump is run dry
Model: 100 Gallon, 150 Gallon
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Have water available wherever you work, to reduce dust and aid in compaction, without having to run a water line to a hydrant or pump, or having to tether your Asphalt Zipper to a water truck. Conveniently pivots to the side to give free access to the bit hatch. Running out of water will not harm pump, even if it is running. In some cases the additional weight of the system may require a larger host vehicle.

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Model 100 Gallon 150 Gallon