'Seeing is Believing!'

"Seeing really is believing. When we tied into our first ally, we ate through eight inches of asphalt 600 feet by 20 feet in less than a half an hour. It wasn't just chunked up, it was pulverized! We are not wasting, we are actually recycling. I had done a couple of demos with other equipment. You always get squeamish when you are trying to push something on the council. They're hearing it, but not believing it. On the first demo we had three of the city council members out here, so we had some decision makers. We had the engineering staff. We were impressed!

"At the end of the demo, our council was asking what the options were, and how they could buy this thing. Prior to having the Zipper we would have to contract out even the smallest of milling jobs: a street cut, a drainage swell we needed to guide a different direction to get the drainage proper. Those jobs contracted out are close to $1500 just to get what we can do ourselves in less than an hour now. If we have an immediate need in the community, we don't have to wait three weeks to bid out a job and wait for the contractors to get back to us. We can go in, tackle the problem ourselves and have a solution. You will have a lot more freedom than you previously had with contractors."

  • Testimonial by: Cory Earl
  • Title: City Engineer
  • Location: City of New Albany, IN