"We're Cutting Our Costs and Time in Half!"

"We were trying to figure out a way that we could use our existing material that we have on the road instead of excavating that out and hauling that off. We have found out that by using the Asphalt Zipper® we can just drop it right on the black top and we can just mill it, grind it right up and reuse it for a base. We then come right back and put our asphalt right on top of it. We just pull it to the job site with the county pick-up because it has its own trailer. Then just take a backhoe and go into the Zipper and pick it up. We will be able to do half a mile in an eight-hour period. The people [community members] are not complaining because they don't have to turn around and go another route. They are able slow down and ease right on through it.

"Our budgets are tight and we try to watch what we spend. We know that we are spending tax dollars. We're cutting our costs and time in half. If you are looking to save your county money try the Asphalt Zipper®. I think you will be very pleased with what you see, by what it does and what it will do for you and for your county."

  • Testimonial by: Dennis Corder
  • Title: County Supervisor
  • Location: Pontotoc County, MS