'We Are Using it For Base Failures in the Roads.'

"We are using it mainly for base failures in our road. When you have base failures you have something underneath the actual surface of the road itself that is giving way. The way we were doing it before, the conventional way of digging out, you have trucks, you have backhoes; it would take 8-10 guys four to five hours. With the Asphalt Zipper® it takes three guys 45 minutes to an hour to do the same project. End results are better because compaction is better. The demo was very important. It doesn't cost anything to demonstrate it, but once they get here and they demonstrate it to you, you see what it does. You see the job that it does. You're going to see the benefits of it. There is no comparison. You can't afford not to have it."

  • Testimonial by: Jake Sones
  • Title: County Supervisor
  • Location: Lamar County, MS