"I knew it was the right machine for what I needed."

"When I first saw the Zipper, I knew it was the right machine for what I needed it to do. It is extremely fast. About as fast as you can walk next to it, that is how fast you are moving. Compared to the big mills, it just walks by that thing. You can do as much, if not more. It is just fast. There is a lot of power in it. When you see it you are like wow! That thing will do some work. As far as getting the machine out, it is just back up, hook up take off and go. It is a piece of cake. The trailer is nice; it looks nice and it pulls great. There are so many different uses for the machine. Put the right proposals together and show the reasons why, it really is a no brainer."

  • Testimonial by: Lee Anderson
  • Title: PW Supervisor
  • Location: City of Fargo, ND