720Xi control panel
720Xi-260H being loaded onto trailer


6 foot / 1.8 meter

Fits Loader 3 yd

  • EngineCummins
  • Engine Size215 hp Tier 4 (Gen 2) Performance260 hp Tier 4 (Gen 2) Performance
  • Weight***13300 lb6033 kg13375 lb6067 kg
  • Cutting Width*72"1829 mm
  • Maximum Depth12"305 mm
  • Cutter HeadZ-Pro X
Model: 720Xi-215H, 720Xi-260H Category: .
* Other cut widths available. *** Weight with standard options equipped, without trailer and without fuel. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Packed with technology, yet surprisingly simple to operate, the 720Xi harnesses the power and productivity of much larger, self-propelled reclaimers into a very powerful, versatile and affordable loader attachment. Powered by the latest Cummins intercooled turbo-diesel Tier 4 (Gen 2) Performance engine, the 720Xi will pulverize up to 12-inch-thick asphalt in a single pass. The innovative upgrades and improvements throughout this new-generation Asphalt Zipper machine dramatically improve production in thicker asphalt, reliability and longevity of the machine, and ease of use. Full road repairs, base stabilization, street patches and opening utility trenches in asphalt are just a few of its many uses.