'Opens more ditch in 30 minutes than we can lay pipe in 8 hours.'

"The Zipper can open up much more ditch in 30 minutes than we can lay pipe in an 8 hour day! Our asphalt repair crews like it because it makes it easier for them. We cut a nice edge and the patch goes in good. We first used the Zipper on a major road pipe replacement project in an exclusive area of Pompano Beach with waterfront homes. There was probably six to eight miles of pipe to be replaced up-and-down residential streets. In that one project we more than paid for the Zipper. Since then we've done 3 other pipe jobs and they've been frosting on the cake. I figured that if we kept the machine for only two years and threw it away we wouldn't have lost any money. We're very happy and my construction crews are very happy. Production's up and unproductive times are down. It's not as impressive on the video as it is in person. When you see it work it will change your mind."

  • Testimonial by: Mark Eddington
  • Title: Utility Superintendent
  • Location: City of Pompano Beach, FL