"The Zipper's convenience is what sold us!"

"The Zipper's convenience is what sold us…Having the Zipper myself, I can do a street whenever I have the manpower and time available. The convenience is definitely one of the Zipper's benefits.

"It keeps my people happy and speeds up the job. We can centerline a road, say, putting in a sewer line, and still keep the road open because we don't have to put an excavator there with a dump truck to load out the spoils.

"The savings are enormous because the Zipper also grinds the pavement into reusable material. We don't have to excavate and truck all the blacktop, which is considered a hazardous waste. We're very limited as to where we can dump it, and this machine eliminates the need to find a place and pay dumping fees.

"We've started our 4th year with the Asphalt Zipper®. In that time we've reclaimed over 35,000 square yards, some patches, some full roads. Our outside contractors would cost us $1.50 per square yard. We do it now with the Zipper for .60 cents. Best of all we can schedule small jobs at our convenience to fit our schedule rather than wait for an outside contractor."

  • Testimonial by: Frank Shea
  • Title: Street Superintendent
  • Location: Town of Wilbraham, MA