'We don't have to run it full time to pay for it.'

"Very pleased with what the results are. It was something that I was looking for, a bucket or a loading attachment that we could use that would help us out. Something cheaper than a full scale cold in place recycling machine that we would not have to use full time to pay for it. Now we can do a very rutted, alligatored three mile road stretch, full width, and in three weeks turn it into a three mile smooth road service with a double chipseal. We can pave over it in a year or two and have a three mile new road. That is spending the public funds in a very conscientious way. We are very pleased with what the results are. It is something that we can and will use in the future as much as we can. We are looking to do about nine or ten miles with it next year."

  • Testimonial by: Gregg Patrick
  • Title: Engineer Manager
  • Location: Keweena County, MI