The Zipper "can pay for itself in one season or less."

"From start to finish, we had a strip 22 feet wide by 250 feet; we finished that in 35-40 minutes. The Zipper does and excellent job of grinding up the old base, asphalt or DBST base therefore providing you a good stable base. Comparison wise, it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out all the people that are involved and the machinery you would spend three to four days taking the material out, hauling it away, coming back in and compacting it.

"With the Zipper we can spend one day and be gone. The Zipper will do it in a fourth the time at half the cost what you normally do. It can pay for itself in one season or less. You are going to be very skeptical about the demonstration on tape and you are not going to want to believe what you are seeing. Once you get into the field and with your own demonstration I promise it will change your mind. If you are skeptical before, you will not be after you see it."

  • Testimonial by: Tim Allred
  • Title: Road Manager
  • Location: Lee County, MS