Snohomish contractor "can zip 100 linear feet in less than 10 minutes!"

"With the Zipper we're able to open enough trench in just a couple of hours to keep our crews busy all week. We never have to wait for asphalt removal anymore. We reuse the millings and it saves us a lot of money. 100% first class, Asphalt Zipper® is a class act and there has been no one better to deal with than our sales rep Bill Smythe. It's a good machine that does a great job. I'd recommend the zipper to anyone laying utilities in the street. We can Zip 100 linear feet in less than 10 minutes. We've even zipped 12-inch thick asphalt and it handled it just fine."

  • Testimonial by: Bill Buno
  • Title: President
  • Entity: Buno Construction
  • Location: Snohomish, WA