If you are not recycling asphalt "you are wasting taxpayers money."

"This machine will do everything that I have seen the bigger machine do. We had a lot of troubles with potholes, heaving and that kind of stuff because of the freeze/frost cycle in the winter. We started grinding roads up and stabilizing them with cement, where we ground up the asphalt, made a second pass and mixed cement into it. We've also used the existing asphalt to go in and stabilize the base with it. And that seems to work really well. It seems to last longer than the other methods. We are reinforcing the base as well as resurfacing it.If you aren't recycling asphalt and using the material, you are wasting taxpayers money."

  • Testimonial by: Charlie Tewalt
  • Title: Supervisor
  • Location: City of Mt Vernon, WA